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What more certain way can you measure a company than through the success of its customers?

We work with companies worldwide to produce powerful customer testimonial videos which showcase the benefits of working with your organization to potential new clients.



Our directors and video cameramen will put your client at ease and help them throughout the shoot.


Your client doesn’t need to be a professional presenter we will provide all the guidance you will need at a time and place to suit you.

Any Location

We can shoot at your offices or your client's place of work, worldwide. We will help you prepare your interview questions beforehand and we'll take care of the rest.

Some examples of our work, or visit our YouTube channel:Datatype Video Marketing and Communications

Fincad Brand Values Edit

Source material, stock library footage, and copyright originators.

Misys European Customer Conference

Conference highlights filmed on location at DisneyLand Paris.

Nykredit Markets

Interview with first vice president, head of business systems, Nykredit Markets.

BPC Banking Technology

Full HD Animation: Highlighting selected BPC clients at locations across the globe.


Shot on location in Chicago at the INTL FCStone offices in the historic Chicago Federal Bank building.


Full HD animation  Bringing together information, photos and video from a wide range of sources.

Eagle Investments

Shot on location in Boston for our client Fincad (Canada) the video features on the website.

TD Securities

Shot on location in Toronto Canada at the TD Securities offices.

Credit Agricole

Filmed in Paris on location at the Credit Agricole offices.